July 05, 2020

Hi there!

Welcome to my blog. 😃

The short about this blog

A blog for GatsbyJS, e-commerce web development, web development insights and lessons.

In more detail

I’m a web developer based in New York City. I started web development in 2015 and I’ve been working as an e-commerce developer since 2017. This blog will focus on GatsbyJS and e-commerce platforms.

I truly believe GatsbyJS (and other static sites) are the future for websites. The SEO and site speed are just too good to ignore. My main tech to build websites is GatsbyJS. The GatsbyJS docs are great and I want to continue build off of them.

In case you haven’t notice, having an e-commerce site is becoming as important as having a business. I’ve worked in e-commerce most of my development career, so I am naturally drawn to it. I’ll have short tutorials, how tos, and more about e-commerce development. Technologies include SFCC, Woocommerce, Shopify, and more.

Thanks for reading and enjoy